Best Upright Exercise Bike Reviews 2018 – Ultimate Guide

The upright exercise bike had once been all the rage among the gym workout fan base, before it was supplanted by more recent newfangled machines. But now it’s making a comeback. That’s just goes to prove that you can’t put a good idea down for long. But instead of hauling out your old upright stationary bike from the garage or the attic, you may want to get the best upright exercise bike you can afford right now. They’re even better than before and at least you know that all parts work.

Best Upright Exercise Bike

What is An Upright Exercise Bike?

The concept of the stationary exercise bike is simple enough. Instead of having to ride outside on the road, your bike stays in place while you pedal. You just pedal while you hold on to the handlebars, and you don’t go anywhere. That means you can enjoy your exercise at home, without any regard about the weather conditions outside.

It’s a great way for newbies to take up with exercise workouts, and it simulates the fun of biking outdoors. It’s not all that hard to figure out how to use it, compared to an elliptical or treadmill machine. And it’s also ideal for people with joint problems that make it inadvisable to jog or run.

Our Best Upright Exercise Bike Picks

So if you’re going with the upright bike, here are some of the best options for that category. These bikes all have garnered hundreds of reviews on Amazon, and the majority of these reviews offer lots of praises for these models. You’ve got options here to fit a wide range of budgets, and they offer accessories that can really help you achieve your fitness goals in a fun and exciting way.

1. Schwinn 170 Upright Bike

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Schwinn 170 Upright Bike. It’s absolutely fitting that we start this stationary bike list with Schwinn, as it’s one of the most recognizable brands in the biking industry.

Schwinn 170 Upright Bike
  • Schwinn 170 Upright Bike. It’s absolutely fitting that we start this stationary bike list with Schwinn, as it’s one of the most recognizable brands in the biking industry.
  • This model offers a truckload of electronic accessories, starting with up to 29 programs to help you customize your workouts. You can have you choice of goals, including biking for a certain amount of time, a particular distance, or a specific number of calories to burn off.
  • It also offers 4 different settings so the whole family can customize their use of it.
  • It provides 25 levels of resistance, with smooth changes in the degree of difficulty.
  • It has 2 LCD window displays and the stand for your tablet doesn’t cover the window. It also has a USB port.
  • The seat is comfy, the pedals are accommodatingly large, there’s a cup holder, a fan, and speakers for your smartphone or tablet music, and the setup takes only an hour.

2. Velocity Exercise Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike

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Velocity Exercise Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike. This is the cheapest of the bunch, but it gives you the basics of what you need in an upright exercise bike. Velocity has been around for the last 30 years, so the manufacturer has enough experience to know what it is doing.

Velocity Exercise Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike
  • It doesn’t take up a lot of space, as you only need an area of about 28 by 20 inches, plus some space around that.
  • It comes with setup tools included. If you’re able to assemble Ikea products, you shouldn’t have any trouble with this one.
  • It offers 8 resistance levels. The large knob allows you to change resistance levels more easily.
  • The pedal is ergonomically designed, and the straps keep your feet in place.
  • The LCD console tells you your speed, distance travelled, pulse rate (through sensors in the handle) and total calories burned.
  • The seat can be adjusted to fit your height, even if you’re somewhat short.This is easily done, and it’s actually quite comfy.
  • It even comes with transport wheels so you can move and store it more easily.

3. Marcy Air 1 Fan Exercise Bike

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Marcy Air 1 Fan Exercise Bike. This is made by Impex Fitness, which has been part of the fitness industry since 1980.

Marcy Air 1 Fan Exercise Bike
  • The innovative resistance design boosts the resistance levels as you pedal faster.
  • The dual action arms also help work your upper body.
  • The fan simulates the feeling of air when you bike outdoors, so you feel nice and comfy.
  • The large LCD display clearly shows you various feedback data, including your speed, distance traveled, time spent, and number of calories burned.
  • Underneath, you have transport wheels that let you move its location, and also make it easier for you to store it in a cabinet when you’re done.
  • The seat can be adjusted to accommodate your size.
  • The levelers can work for all floor surfaces, and can ensure that you’re level and stable when you work out.
  • This comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

4. Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Upright Exercise Bike

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Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Upright Exercise Bike. We end this list with another Schwinn with more advanced features.

Best Upright Exercise Bike
  • You can focus on your lower or upper body, or both at the same time.
  • The design increases the resistance levels the harder you pedal. So it essentially offers an infinite number of resistance levels.
  • The RevMeter RPM gauge shows 6 workout metrics at the same time. So you don’t have to wait for the info through cycle through.
  • It’s very solid, as the frame comes with a 15-year warranty. The electronics also come with a 2-year limited warranty. The mechanical parts come with a 1-year warranty.
  • You can easily stabilize this on any floor surface, as it comes with 4 levelers.
  • You have a large seat that offers thick padding for your comfort, while it allows you to pedal without any problem.
  • The pedals are very smooth, and it also comes with adjustable straps so your feet stay where they should be.
  • It looks great, so you don’t really need to keep it in a cabinet when you’re not using it. It doesn’t take up a lot of space either.
  • You can accessorize it further with a chest strap to monitor your heart rate, a wind screen, and some rack accessories.

How to Choose the Best Upright Bike for You

So how do you choose the best upright stationary bike for you? It depends on several factors, and you need to get the answers to the following questions:

  • What can you afford? Obviously you need to consider your budget. But although used stationary bikes are invariably cheaper, new bikes offer better value for money and they’re safer to boot.
  • How hard is it to set up and keep in storage? It’s better for you if you can assemble this easily. You don’t want to waste too much time before you can start, and of course you want to be able to set it up properly so it works safely.
  • How big is it? It has to fit your home, and you need enough space around it so you can move easily.
  • How comfortable is it? It helps if you have a seat that you can actually sit on, while it doesn’t impede your ability to pedal hard.
  • How realistic is it? The best exercise bike can offer various levels of difficulty, so you can simulate the challenge of biking uphill.
  • How are the accessories? The best stationary exercise bike will also offer various electronic programs that can help you keep track of your workout progress. You can figure out how you’ve been at it, how many virtual miles you’ve covered, and even how many calories you’ve burned.

If you’re buying online, it’s crucial that you read as many upright exercise bike reviews as you can. These will give you a fair idea of how ach model can fit your needs and preferences. They can inform you of any potential problem you might face with each stationary exercise bike.

Benefits of Upright Exercise Bikes and How They Work

The indoor exercise bike offers a lot of benefits for people who want to work out.

It is very easy on the joints

The main problem with jogging and running is that your knees often end up going through a lot of abuse. They even have a term for this: runner’s knees. That’s not a problem with stationary bikes at all.

Biking indoors is very safe

You won’t have to worry about hitting pedestrians on the road, while you’re also safe from careless drivers. You can wear headphones and ear buds safely, which you can’t do on the road because you may not hear the blare of incoming vehicles. It doesn’t matter if it rains or snows, you don’t have to bike in the dark, and potholes won’t concern you. You won’t have loose dogs chasing you around. And you also don’t need a spotter while you use the indoor bike.

It’s very fun

Many people enjoy it, and besides you can do it in front of the TV. Some uprights also have stands so you can also use your smartphone and tablet while you work out. And virtual reality can really make it more exciting, as you can pedal around virtual worlds.

It’s easy too

There’s really nothing to figure out, unlike other machines that use too many cables and parts. You just get on the seat, put your hands on the handles, and get your feet on the pedals.

Recumbent Bike vs Upright Exercise Bikes

There’s an ongoing debate as to what type makes for the best indoor cycling bike. Some say that the best recumbent exercise bike is the better option. It offers a bigger seat and a more comfortable position. You don’t have to stand up so you’re less likely to get hurt if you’re somewhat clumsy. And if arthritis is affecting your hips and back, the recumbent design makes it easier because the weight is spread all over your backside and back.

upright stationary bike
​But the upright does offer some advantages
  • If you’re a regular rider, then the similarity to regular bike rides gives you a more consistent workout. It exercises your whole body, just like outdoor biking does. The recumbent bike, on the other hand, focuses on various specific muscles mainly in the lower body.
  • Your upper body arms also get a workout. So you can also work out your biceps, triceps, and shoulders, which you can’t really do with a recumbent stationary bike.
  • The upright takes up less space, so they’re more ideal for small apartments. The recumbent comes with a larger footprint, and that also means storage is much more of a problem.

Final Thoughts

Having stationary exercise bikes available simply means that nowadays, there really is no good reason anymore why you can’t get enough exercise for the week. An upright exercise bike is cheap, durable, safe, and very effective in burning off your fat stores. It’s very easy to use, and you can just use it at any time. You won’t even have to miss your favorite TV shows.

All you need to do is to make sure you get the best upright exercise bike you can get. Then you can hop on it at any time without worrying about road hazards and weather conditions. Burn your calories easily, and pretty soon you can see the extra pounds evaporate from your body.