Body Rider Fan Bike Reviews

The Body Rider Fan Bike was built so you can have the benefits of a bicycle and an elliptical in one machine. Of course this is not the only indoor bike to make that claim, so I wanted to find out if what the manufacturer claims are true.

Body Rider Fan Bike Reviews

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Exercise bike reviews have shown that this bike offers exceptional adjustments. All you have to do is adjust the tension and pedaling becomes harder or easier. There is no need to work with complicated controls, as you just have to twist a knob. With this feature both beginners and advanced users can use the bike without any difficulty at all.

Body Rider Fan Bike LCD Panel

LCD Panel:

The Body Rider has a clear screen which displays how many calories you’ve burned, the distance covered and time elapsed. By taking a quick look at the screen you’ll know how much progress you’re making. With other bikes you have to resort to guesswork, but not here.


The Body Rider exercise bike has an ergonomic design, making it comfortable to use even if you’re new to exercise bikes. The handlebars and the pedals also mean your arms and upper body get a good workout too. By and large, its construction is really good and makes working out enjoyable and productive. Bottom line: the design is great.


Body Rider Fan Bike Seat and Height
  • Seat and Height: The seat is adjustable so you can use it comfortably, and this extends to the seat. Because the seat is easy to adjust, users of different heights can use this bike without being forced into an awkward position. As far as comfort goes, this bike delivers.
  • Noise: The fan bike runs quietly so you can use this even while listening to music or watching a movie. Sometimes exercise bikes are so noisy it’s distracting, but not this.
  • The machine is versatile and really gives your body a complete workout.
  • The seat is easy to adjust and remains comfortable no matter how you change setting.
  • The handlebars are comfortable and keep your upper and lower body engaged.
  • The frame is constructed from solid steel and can withstand heavy duty use.
  • There is only a little assembly required.
  • The digital display is easy to read and provides accurate information.
  • The bike doesn’t use up a lot of space.
  • The weight capacity is only 250 lbs. so anyone near this weight limit cannot use it.
  • Very tall people might have an uncomfortable time on this bike.
  • One customer said there isn’t enough resistance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do you fasten the handles in position?

Q: Can you replace the seat?

Q: Can a short person use this bike?

Body Rider Fan Bike Customer Reviews and Scores:

Body Rider Fan Bike Reviews

The Body Rider Fan Bike has received some of the most favorable reviews online, and most of the customers who bought the bike have given it 4 or 5 stars for its quality and durability.

One customer gave this indoor bike 5 stars, saying “it’s the best exercise machine” he has tried. The reviewer said he had been doing a lot of research and decided on this based on the positive reviews it has been receiving. He also said the quality is the best he had seen in this price range.Another customer said the bike works great and that he’s been able to lose several pounds since using it.

Another reviewer who awarded the bike 5 stars said she’d recommend it to other people. One customer just wrote a short review and said it’s great for those with trouble walking.

These are just some of the reviews you’d read about this bike. Except for a few complaints, most people are content with its capabilities.


The Body Rider Fan Bike deserves the positive reviews it’s been getting. The bike will have you working out a sweat, and making adjustments is easier compared to other bikes. It is not perfect, but when it comes to working you out and muscle toning, this bike works.

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