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How I Use an Exercise Bike | The Right Way - Best Exercise Bike

How I Use an Exercise Bike.

You see exercise bikes everywhere and you’ve probably read about their benefits too. There’s no question they work, but how do you use it? There are different ways to go about it, and I am sharing here mine. 

My Basic Exercise Bike Workout Routine

I usually work out 20 minutes a day, five days a week in the afternoon. Time really isn’t a concern since I can work out anytime. The first thing I do is warm up for 5 minutes, pedaling slowly, after which I pedal at around 90% of my capabilities for 90 seconds.  I then slow down for and pedal at 30% strength for 60 seconds and up to 90 seconds again. I alternate this back and forth for 15 minutes and in the final five minutes pedal at 75% strength.

This is my basic 20 minute workout, but I also do other routines like the ones below.

Exercise Bike Interval Workout

I start with an easy 5 minute workout and follow it up with 30 seconds of hard pedaling and 30 seconds moderate and go easy for 1 minute. I repeat this four times.

I follow it immediately with 1 minute of hard pedaling, 30 seconds moderate and 1 minute easy, again four times. The last set consists of 45 seconds where I go all out and 2 minutes, 15 seconds easy. I repeat this three times. That’s usually the end of it, but you can increase the challenge by adding a 5 minute, easy cooling down period.

30 Minute Cardio Bike Workout

  • The RPE means rate of perceived exertion, or the level of intensity you put into each routine. The scale I use is from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest. With an RPE of 5 it means using 50% of your strength.
  • As usual I start with a warm up for 5 minutes at 5 RPE.
  • I follow it with 20 seconds of RPE at 8 to 10 intensity, 10 seconds RPE 1 and 1 minute RPE 3 to 5. I repeat these 12 times.
  • I end it with a 5 minute cooling down period at 4 to 5 RPE.

Tips and Tricks

Focus on smooth pedaling, and move fluidly instead of slamming down on the pedals. Make sure the balls of your feet are on the pedal and pull your feet when the stroke hits the bottom and then go back up.

As your legs work, keep your upper body straight. Don’t move your body side to side when moving up. Keep your back flat and your elbows have to be relaxed and bent. This isn’t just about good posture but your elbows act as a shock absorber. Maintain this posture and you’re good.


There are a lot of ways to vary this, and you should. If you’re using a bike for the first time, just focus on getting your body ready for the workouts. When you’re used to it, increase the intensity level and power. Just keep it up and you’re going to feel the difference.

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