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How to Improve Fitness by Exercise Bike | Best Exercise Bike

How to Improve Fitness by Exercise Bike.

Are you looking for the best exercise bike? There are a lot available yes, but if you want to get maximum fitness benefits, get familiar with the different types, as the kind of bike you choose has a direct effect on the results. This might seem odd as they look the same, but there are significant differences in their design.

All exercise bikes have the same purpose, and that is work your body out, especially the legs. They often have more features than exercise bicycles and you can use them any time of day.

The following are the most common types of exercise bikes you’ll come across, and we will compare their features. Some people prefer one type over the other, but no single type is superior to the next. What we can guarantee is you’ll gain physically by working out with any of these bikes consistently. 

Recumbent Bike

The best recumbent exercise bike is easy on the lower back due to the way you’re seated. With an upright bike you’re sort of hunched over, but on a recumbent you’re more comfortable while working out.

You can use these bikes to work out your body, burn calories and build strength. the bike is easy on the joints and spine, and the bucket seat provides support. Even during strenuous workouts your ankles and knees are well protected.

  • Recumbent bikes have larger seats compared to those on other bikes so you’ll feel comfortable even for long stretches.
  • You can’t stand on the pedals, and it’s a good safety feature that reduces the possibility of injuries or accidents while you’re pedaling hard.
  • A recumbent bike is ideal for beginners as it’s easier on the body. Recumbent bikes are great for low impact workouts, but don’t let the words low impact mislead you as you’ll still gain strength.

Recumbent bikes are suitable for people with neurological conditions as it works out your body without causing too much stress. If you suffer from arthritis, a recumbent bike may be the best option as it is easier on your buttocks and back.

Upright Bike

An upright bike is built like a regular bike where you are either leaning forward or sits upright. The best upright exercise bike works out your entire body, and your position works out your abs while stabilizing your stance. While you won’t be as comfortable as on other indoor bikes, workouts are more consistent.

Upright bikes ensure the muscles you work are the same ones on a regular bike. Other indoor bikes only work certain parts of your body, but with an upright bike, your glutes, anterior muscles, calves, hamstrings and quads are all used.

  • Upright bikes do an excellent job working out your abs since your body is upright and has to provide support. On a recumbent bike you’re sitting on a more reclined position, which limits the amount of exercise your abs get.
  • An upright bike also gives your upper arms a thorough workout, engaging your shoulders, triceps and biceps. This is only possible if you’re in an upright stance.
  • Upright bikes are more compact than other models. If you have limited space in your home gym, this could be a major factor in deciding what to buy. In this case, an upright bike has the advantage.

Spin Bikes

The best spin bike allows you to experience the sensation of bike racing indoors or in the gym. There are different types of spinning bikes, but all of them allow you to lean forward or stand up. This not only makes your workouts more flexible but also lets you work out your lower muscle groups at a high intensity level.

Spin bikes are meant for serious workouts and are designed to simulate sprinting and hill climbing. These bikes are more physically demanding, but it also means your body gets a better workout.

Spinning bikes are often used for high intensity workouts and a fixture in a lot of fitness centers. If you’re a beginner or recovering from an injury, a spinning bike will be too much, but for intense, heavy workouts this is what you’ll need. Among the benefits you’ll get are the following.

  • Work out your abs: Among all indoor bikes, spinning cycles are probably the best at this.
  • Simulate cardio workouts: Spinning bikes burn calories and pounds like cardio workouts do, another reason why it is the preferred indoor bike for weight loss.
  • Leg toning: The intense workouts also shape your legs and firm up those muscles.

Indoor Cycling Bike

If you search for the best indoor cycling bike online, don’t be surprised if the results include upright, recumbent and spin bikes, because the words “indoor cycling bike” is a general, all-inclusive term. In fact recumbent, upright and spin cycles are often simply called indoor bikes.

Indoor bikes come in different shapes, styles and sizes. The three types we have discussed are the most common, but there are variations to these. Even if you leave the choices down to only the three major types, each model varies from the other as manufacturers try to distinguish their indoor cycle bike from the rest.

While these bikes have different features, they do share common features and benefits. Their most important is working out your body, burn calories and toning your muscles. However, the difference is their efficiency, with some more effective others when it comes to particular areas.

Once you do have an exercise bike, you have to use it regularly to benefit from it. At the very least you should work out 20 minutes a day.  Gradually increase the minutes or the intensity so you’ll lose weight, tone your muscle and generally get into better shape.


So which of these is the best exercise bike? As we have pointed out earlier, each one has its own benefits. What’s important is you use the bike during your workouts. Upright, spin and recumbent are all just means to an end, and it is up to you to use them for your benefit.

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