Why I Use an Exercise Bike – The Right Way

Exercise bikes are staples in home gyms, and they’re now available in different styles, types and sizes. I am one of those who uses an indoor exercise bike as it’s helped me get in shape. If you’re still on the fence and not sure if it’s worth buying one, let me show you its benefits.


My exercise bike is compact and doesn’t take up a lot of space. Sure it’s nice to ride a bicycle, but with an indoor bike I can exercise whenever I want. Not only can I use this day or night, but it also means I don’t have to go to the gym either.

Ideal for Different Workouts

Exercise bikes are flexible. When I began using these I went about it slowly. As my workouts progressed I was able to adjust the settings and now pedal harder and faster. A well-designed exercise bike allows you to adjust the resistance levels so it’s like your riding uphill, flat surface etc..

Whether you’re a beginner or a fitness buff, an exercise bike allows you to work out at the level you’re comfortable with. Want to do cardio bike workouts or HIIT? Or do you want to take it a little easy while you’re recovering from an injury? Whatever it is, you can do it on an indoor bike.


This one doesn’t need a lot of explanation. Riding on a bike is a lot of fun and you can control the pace. Best of all I can work out all I want while watching TV or listening to music. Working out on an indoor bike is serious stuff, but it also allows me to have fun.

Safe to Use

One of the things I like about exercise bikes is the low risk of injury. In fact a lot of health experts recommend exercise bikes for older people and those recovering from an injury because it’s safe. Recumbent bikes are particularly good because the seats are large and there’s ample support for your bones and muscles.

I also want to add that exercise bikes are good for elderly people who suffer from arthritis or other body pains. They’re much more forgiving and actually helps improve your balance the longer you work out.

Build Up Strength

If you’ve ever rode on a bicycle you know how much effort you put in, and the same thing happens with an exercise bike. That’s a good thing actually because the more effort you put in, the stronger you become.

Stationary bikes are great for strength building, especially your legs. If you go with an upright bike, you’ll also be giving your abs and arms a solid workout too so that’s another advantage.


I used to be skeptical of exercise bikes and didn’t think they were any good. However I’ve come to realize just how many benefits they provide, and it has literally changed my workout routines. From light to heavy workouts these indoor bikes make exercise a lot more fun and productive, so I recommend you get one.

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